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Product Info

Award Winning, Patented Technology

Accelerate your results by up to 8 times with our ADA approved teeth whitening light. The light works with the serum in our pens to gently lift stains from your teeth and rapidly increase the whitening process.

Each light comes with a year long warranty and money back guarantee.

      Shipping & Returns

      We offer FREE shipping on all Teeth Whitening Kits📦

      Money-Back Guarantee

      Yup! thats right, if you don't see any difference in 30 days we will offer you a 100% money back guarantee. To qualify for the money back guarantee please send us a picture of you BEFORE you receive your kit (this will be done by the delivery receipt on your tracking number). Ensure the picture is close up of your teeth and in good light. Email it to support@pearlsmile.co and use the subject line - Money Back guarantee. If you do fail to see results, send your AFTER photo and a photo of the used box to support@pearlsmile.co and a member of our team will review the images and be back in touch within 7 days to arrange your money back. Please ensure the new image has a time stamp on so we can see adequate use of the product.


      8 shades whiter, I love my new pearl whites @pearl 😁💗🌟


      There’s no such thing as ‘not enough time’ for white teeth😃💕 @pearl #pearlsmile


      Got my @pearl teeth whitening kit, can't wait to use it #pearlsmile


      I literally cannot stop smiling - thanks Pearl 😁 #pearlsmile


      Whiten’ up 😁 Check out @pearl #pearlsmile


      Taking care of my smile with the @pearl kit 👏


      My secret to white teeth @pearl #Smile

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