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8 Shades Whiter, 3 Steps


Before using your activating light, it's important that you condition your teeth. That's where the whitening pen comes in! Our certified dental hygienists recommend you use it for 7 day in order to protect your enamel & speed up the results with your light.


Now that your teeth are properly conditioned, you are finally ready to use your free activating light! You will now receive the light along with your first set of refill whitening pens. Make sure you follow the instructions sent to you with your kit. Apply the pen with the activating light daily to your teeth for 30 days and watch your smile get up to 8 shades whiter!


This is the most important step and is often overlooked. Now that your new smile is shining brighter than ever, you need to look after it and make sure it doesn't fade. You should whiten your teeth at least 2-3x a week to prevent staining. This will keep your new smile going stronger than ever!

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The Results Speak For Themselves

Join over 1 million other people who have used Pearl to get whiter, brighter teeth in just 7 days!

However, you should look beyond the first week! The same way you brush your teeth everyday to maintain healthy teeth and gums, you should regularly whiten to prevent your new pearly white smile doesn't fade.

This is why we created our Pearl Whitening Club, to give you the smile you've always desired at the convenience of your own home!

How It Works

After the 14 day trial ends you will be sent your FREE activating light ($150 value) with your first set of refill pens. Your card will be billed $40 monthly after the 14 day trial ends. You can cancel, or downgrade anytime.

Cancel at anytime after your 14 day trial ends free of charge. Just email us at and our team will happily assist you.

Shop, skip the month and even down grade to just one pen free of charge. This was designed to be flexible around you!

Pearlteeth Activating Light

Dentist Approved, Patented Activating Light

Our award winning activating light takes years of coffee, wine and smoking stains off of your teeth to give you a whiter, natural smile.

To make the most out of your free light, ensure you use the pen daily for at least 7 days before to prepare your teeth and guarantee the best results.

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8 shades whiter, I love my new pearl whites @pearl 😁💗🌟


There’s no such thing as ‘not enough time’ for white teeth😃💕 @pearl #pearlsmile


Got my @pearl teeth whitening kit, can't wait to use it #pearlsmile


I literally cannot stop smiling - thanks Pearl 😁 #pearlsmile


Whiten’ up 😁 Check out @pearl #pearlsmile


Taking care of my smile with the @pearl kit 👏


My secret to white teeth @pearl #Smile

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10/10 pearly whites

My refill pack is what really made the difference to be honest. I noticed that when I stop whitening my teeth they start losing their whiteness which is annoying. But with the refill pens I use them 3 times a week and I'm good to go.

Free trial for the win!!

Great deal. Gives you the opportunity to see the results for yourself first which I really like. Can't complain

Pretty good results

The kit is well worth the money. Before ordering I called my local dentist and I was quoted $250 for a 2 week teeth whitening treatment that required an office visit and molds. I did the Pearl 14 day trial and a bit skeptic I wanted to test it on my fianc�e who drinks a lot of coffe and also dips tobacco. His teeth were at a level 6-7 on the scale. After just 3 days we saw significant results. On the 4th treatment his teeth were at a 3-4 Shade. Very easy to use and he loves the built in timer. The light makes a HUGE difference for sure. He is one that doesn�t sit still so he loves that he can still walk around and get things done while whitening his teeth and even better the full treatment can be done in just 6 days!!! We give this product 6 stars!

Condition & then whiten! Love it!

I think the conditioning is what makes all the difference quite frankly. I tried other teeth whitening products that don't provide you with this step and my results were mediocre at best not to mention the pain it caused due to my sensitive teeth. The conditioning set up my teeth for success pretty much and that's awesome. Highly recommend it.

Tanner G.
Amazing!! Would Recommend

Very happy with my results. I conditionned my teeth and then once I got the activating light I started using it per the directions and the results are amazing!

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