How to use your Pearl Conditioning Pen

After a decade of scientific research, we found a unique way not only to protect your teeth, but to actually accelerate the whitening process by making your teeth more reactive to our whitening formula. 

Say hello to our Conditioning Pen (Patent Pending). If you are reading this, you are one of the lucky ones who will be getting their hands on one of the special little pens. This short post will tell you why and how you should use the pen for optimal results, plus any results you should be seeing as a result of proper conditioning.

Why should I condition?
We hear you - it isn't the most fun sounding thing to do. I know you want whiter teeth, and you want them now, but hear us out. 

What if we told you that by using a conditioning pen for 7-14 days before you whitening could see you achieve results faster and in a way that is better for the long term health of your teeth. How does that sound?

This is exactly why you should condition. We want to make sure that your are set up for success for your whitening journey and by correctly conditioning your teeth you will ensure they are healthier and whiter.

How do I condition?
Conditioning is simple and quick. We recommend you condition daily for 7-14 days prior to whitening. All you need to do is brush your teeth before hand, pat your teeth dry and apply the serum to the outside of your teeth (upper and lower). Sit back, relax for 10-15 minutes and rinse with water after.

When should I see results?
The formula in your conditioning pen doesn't just contain the protective ingredients to ensure your teeth build that all important conditioning layer.

It also contains a small dosage of the whitening serum. We do this as results show that building up to a stronger dosage of serum can help accelerate results and make your teeth more reactive when you use the activating light. 

Because of this, some people may see a shade or two different when they conditioning, but most of us will only start to see results when we use the whitening serum and activating light. Remember, the goal in the conditioning phase isn't to whiten! 


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