How to use my Whitening Pens & Light

By now your teeth should be fully conditioned and ready to whiten. Your upcoming shipment will contain a set of whitening pens and our activation light. 

Below we go over a few key questions we get asked about the whitening phase of your trial.

How do I whiten my teeth?
Whitening is super simple before you get started ensure the battery protector is removed by unscrewing the back of your light, removing the battery and removing the clear piece of plastic. Once done attach the mouth piece to your light.

Now you have taken care of the maintenance it is time to brush your teeth and ensure they are patted dry with a towel before applying the whitening serum. Apply a generous layer of the serum on the outside of both your top and bottom rows of teeth, put the light into your mouth and press the rubber "on" button. 

Your light is on an automatic 10 minute timer and will switch off when your treatment is finished. Once done rinse your mouth with water, remove the mouth guard and clean it under warm water. 

repeat daily for a minimum of 30 days for optimum results. 

When should I expect results?
Everyone is different, and the speed and the outcome of our results come down to two things - genetics and diet. Your diet is simple, try to stay away from coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes etc (anything that'll stain your teeth), especially up to an hour after you whiten. 

Your genetics are the thing we cannot control. Some people experience great results in a matter of days, others see slower results over a few weeks. Whats most important is that you use the pens and light daily for a minimum of 30 days. 

How does the activating light work?
The light works by breaking down the active whitening ingredients in the serum to dramatically increase the speed of your results. Studies have shown that your results can increase up to 2x as fast with the light.

What if my light breaks?
As long as you are a member we have you covered, just message us and we can send you a light free of charge.

Do I need to keep conditioning?
Once you have conditioned for 7-14 days prior to whitening you will not need to re-conditioning for at least 6 months depending on how often you whiten. Just reach out to us after 6 months and a hygienist will assess if you need a new conditioning pen and we will send one in your next refill free of charge. 


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