How does the Trial work?

We designed the trial around our customers to make whitening more affordable for everyone. We open up the one in a lifetime trial offer to a select group of people every month. We limit space to ensure that those who join are committed to getting whiter teeth over the long term, as well as provide them with the upmost customer care and support during their whitening journey.
To put things in perspective, we assign each of our customers their dedicated Pearl hygienist that aids them thru the process and makes sure they get the smile they always wanted no matter what.

We break the Trial up into 3 simple steps.

Step 1 is conditioning (Free): As a way for us to show you our appreciation for being part of this exclusive offer, we give you Step 1 of the trial for free! All you have to do is cover a small shipping fee that is charged by the postal office. You will receive your Pearl Conditioning Pen within 4-6 working days from your purchase. To sweeten the deal, we'll send you a Pearl Activating Light for free (usually $150) when you sign up.

The goal of the conditioning phase is the create a protective layer around the teeth to help prevent sensitivity and soothe the enamel when you whiten. We recommend you use the conditioning pen daily for 7-14 days before you whiten (preferably 14 days if you have sensitive teeth).

The added bonus of properly conditioning your teeth before Step 2 is that it will accelerate the whitening process and improve your results tremendously due to the active ingredients in our FDA approved serum.

Step 2 is Whitening: We send the first set of whitening pens 14 days AFTER you start the trial. We do this to ensure that by the time your pens and light arrive, you've had enough time to condition your teeth, and have built up enough of a layer to adequately protect your teeth.

We recommend whitening daily for 30 days to achieve maximum results. If you aren’t noticing your teeth getting at least 2-3 shades whiter after day 30 kindly repeat for another 30 days.

The level of whitening as well as the speed are closely linked to genetics and diet, for some it can take a little longer, so please be patient.

Step 3 is Maintaining: Now that you have your new and beautiful white smile, you will want to keep it! That's why we ship you 2 new pens as part of your refill every 30 days (auto charging your card $40 plus shipping) in order to ensure you maintain your new smile and most importantly prevent it from fading due to unwanted staining. We don't want your time and effort you've invested in your new smile to go to waste!

If you don’t maintain (similar to if you don’t brush) your results will begin to dull after 30-60 days.

You are able to downgrade to 1 Whitening Pen instead of 2 or cancel for free at anytime after the first 14 days of the trial.

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