Can anyone be part of the Trial?

The trial is a once in a lifetime offer that we open up for an exclusive and select group of people only, as we unfortunately can't offer it to everyone.

We limit space to ensure that those who join are committed to getting whiter teeth over the long term, as well as provide them with the upmost customer care and support during their whitening journey.

To put things in perspective, we assign each of our customers their dedicated Pearl hygienist that aids them thru the process and makes sure they get the smile they always wanted.

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8 shades whiter, I love my new pearl whites @pearl 😁💗🌟


There’s no such thing as ‘not enough time’ for white teeth😃💕 @pearl #pearlsmile


Got my @pearl teeth whitening kit, can't wait to use it #pearlsmile


I literally cannot stop smiling - thanks Pearl 😁 #pearlsmile


Whiten’ up 😁 Check out @pearl #pearlsmile


Taking care of my smile with the @pearl kit 👏


My secret to white teeth @pearl #Smile